Sunday, July 5, 2015

(Other) Winged Wonders: The Butterfly World

    Birding has been slow lately, as with most summers here in Tennessee, but our local butterflies have been putting on quite a show. I have spent the past couple of days photographing these small, winged creatures, which were frequenting my flower garden and our neighbor's.

Red Admiral on Verbena

Red Admiral on Verbena

Variegated Fritillary on Verbena

Variegated Fritillary on Verbena 

    I got into gardening just when I began birding, and during 2013, I planted many native, bird-friendly flowers in our backyard. My favorite is Purple Coneflower, but Tickseed (aka Threadleaf Coreopsis) is a close second. Butterfly Weed is also a popular favorite for many insects and hummingbirds in our yard. You may spot any of these in my photos. Another flower in the photos above is Verbena. These are in our neighbor's garden.

Tiger Swallowtail (black "morph") on Purple Coneflower

presumed Horace's Duskywing on Tickseed

American Snout above Purple Coneflower

American Snout on Purple Coneflower

Hackberry Emperor (on our window)

Sleepy Orange on Purple Coneflower

    For more of my butterfly photos, see this album on Flickr.